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Happy New Year!


I love the new year as its always a time of new beginnings,fresh starts and renewed hope.Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 1.20.50 PM

For Michiganders and for the rest of country this is a special year as it is election year.


The big picture this year is keeping Michigan RED.


Not just for Michigan but for the national election in 2020


Continuing MAGA policies requires President Trump to be re-elected.


Michigan will be in the national spotlight because Michigan, along with Pennsylvania and Wisconsin provided a win for President Trump.

“Trump won 18 states by fewer than 250,000 votes; Clinton, 13.

The most important states, though, were Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Trump won those states by 0.2, 0.7 and 0.8 percentage points, respectively — and by 10,704, 46,765 and 22,177 votes. Those three wins gave him 46 electoral votes; if Clinton had done one point better in each state, she’d have won the electoral vote, too.”? 예스카지노 가입쿠폰Donald Trump will be president thanks to 80,000 people in three states

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.12.58 PMBeating Debbie Stabenow would be to put in mildly, epic!
Very difficult, some say it can’t be done because she has a huge war chest and is popular with farmers in rural areas that ususal are more Conservative.

However, with the right candidate, we could have a shot as that candidate could attract the necessary money.

During the Primary please think about the best candidate to beat Stabenow, support your guy or gal who is the most Conservative and who can win. But regardless, come November, remember the bigger picture, keep the “fire in the belly” to fight and win to keep Michigan RED.

Voter turn out is critical.


Because the Democrats will surely fight to win to make Michigan a blue state



Thank YOU for all you do, you are the heart and soul of a free Michigan!

Joan Fabiano,

Organizer of Grassroots in Michigan




Facebook RVers for Trump


Twitter? MIgrassroots



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